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"A group of like-minded enthusiasts dedicated to keeping historic military vehicles alive"

Because these are pictures of Babes, they are 800x600 resolution so might take a little longer to download than the others.
Err... How did those pictures of Sandra get in there...? Boy, am I going to be in trouble...

How do you get on the Babes page?

You have to be a BABE (in my opinion), or wear a bra, or both... Err... Ok Mario, you win...

Disclaimer: This page is soley intended are a tribute to some of the long-suffering Babes that turn up at the events we go to. There is no intention to annoy, insult, demean, or otherwise piss anybody off. If anyone has any objections to any of the pictures contained on this page, please contact the webmaster below. I shall, of course, totally ignore you if you aren't actually one of the Babes...


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