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"A group of like-minded enthusiasts dedicated to keeping historic military vehicles alive"

Babe Pic Babes. This page is completely politically incorrect (sorry), and has a few photos of some of the Babes we met on our travels. Fun Pic Fun Pictures. This page has some fun stuff.
General Pic General Pictures. This page has pictures of some of the people and places we have been recently, and a couple of pictures that didn't fit in anywhere else... Our Kit Pic Pictures of Our Kit. This page has various pictures of the stuff we have collected over the years.
Other kit Pic Pictures of Other Folks. This page has pictures of some of the people, vehicles and equipments we have come across in our travels, including some vehicles from HQ ARRC in Bosnia. Includes the new Military Odessy 2007 pics. Rapier Pic Rapier Pictures. This page has various pictures of the Rapier demonstration equipment very kindly loaned to us from BAE.
Repair Pic Running Repairs. This page has images of us carrying out a few running repairs as we go along... wallpaper Pic Wallpaper. This page has images suitable for use as a background on your desktop...


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Most of the pictures in the galleries are at 640x480 for ease of loading, however we do have the originals at 1600x1200 resolution or higher, so if there is an enlargement of one you want, drop me a line.